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When the borders of Cuba opened in 2016, we knew exactly what to do: build relationships with local experts, families and communities. A local experience is exactly what MEJDI Tours offers in every destination we visit and in Cuba this is the current state of all tourism. Whether you’re leading your synagogue, church or university group, a tour to Cuba will expand your paradigm. We encourage your group to consider homestays, family-run lodging which offers an intimate opportunity to experience Cuban culture—in the comfort of a family’s home. Homestays are licensed with hotel standards, include breakfast and are usually more affordable than hotels.

Your university, religious or nonprofit group can take a tour of the Bay of Pigs; break in their hiking boots on the lush paths of Varadero; or sunbathe on the endless white, sandy beaches. MEJDI Tours has also developed strong relationships with both Jewish and Christian communities and can setup conversations with religious leaders who will provide an exclusive look into faith in Cuba.

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Cuba may include:

  • Riding in a 1950s “classico” car around scenic Havana after seeing how they are restored at the Nostalgic Cars Restoration Garage.
  • Salsa dancing to traditional Cuban music.
  • Meeting with the local Christian or Jewish communities in Havana and supporting them through dialogue and presenting humanitarian gifts.
  • Watching the creation of Cuban cigars at a working tobacco plantation.

The MEJDI Way:  Come to Cuba to explore and understand a country that’s been mostly shut off from Americans and the rest of the world. We will do our best to ensure you hear multiple perspectives from the younger and older generations about the past, the current and future state of Cuba. As in all MEJDI Tours, you will arrive to Cuba a tourist and leave a friend of the locals. Contact Kelly at [email protected] to learn more about a MEJDI Tour to Cuba.

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