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Dual Narrative Tour of the Old City | Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem is undoubtedly among the most contended pieces of real estate in the world. In a constant tug-of-war between different religions and ethnic groups, the land is a volcano of tension- ready to erupt at any moment. As an outsider looking in, it can seem impossible to see a clear understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.…

Shalom/Salaam, Deep Roots and High Walls: Brief reflections from a young graduate student meeting Israel and Palestine for the first time

This post was brought to you by Abbey V from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies/St. Norbert College trip to Israel and Palestine… I landed in Tel Aviv surrounded by about 18 other graduate students, my human rights professor, and students/faculty from St. Norbert College. To prepare for the trip, I completed 3 relevant courses:…

Israel Trip Diary

This blog post brought to you by Phil H… I participated from May 17-31 in an Israel/Palestine trip organized by Bob Pyne of St Norbert’s Peace & Justice Center in co-sponsorship with Mejdi Tours, which specializes in what they call “cultural immersion” tours. It was extremely well done, with guides who are committed to bi-partisan discussions between Israeli…

Blessed are the Peacemakers–MEJDI Tours for Christian Groups

For more information…. Interested in learning more about travel services for Christian groups? Curious to see some of our past Christian clients? Want to hear some testimonials from other Christian leaders? Ready to start planning your trip?

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Here are some destinations where we can build custom experiential learning programs for you! Travel to Ireland for a Dual Narrative tour of Northern Ireland and learn about The Troubles from two perspectives; explore the history and language or take in Ireland with a focus on its literary past, perhaps you will uncover the secrets behind its…

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Masada: An Ancient Fortress

Today’s blog post comes from Carmen, a traveler on our October 2014 National Geographic Expedition to the Holy Land…

Coffee in the Holy Land

But a cup of coffee here isn’t just a caffeine jolt. It is the signature gesture of hospitality and offered me, intentionally or not, a window onto people and places I wouldn’t have otherwise seen…

Dual Narrative Tour of Israel and West Bank

Kevin Conlon and Anthony Shaker, two teachers from Chicago, traveled with MEJDI Tours this summer. Their experiences, including photos and recorded interviews, are shared on their blog.