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Yearly Archives: 2014

A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Shortly after returning home, a friend asked me to name one memorable moment from the trip. I said, “Seriously? Just one?” If I said, “The Church of the Resurrection,” a member of our group could counter, “Not the Jordan River?’ If I said “the Garden of Gethsemane,” someone would say, “Not communion on the Mount of Beatitudes?” If I said, “Rami, the Jewish man who told how the death of his daughter propelled him into the holy work of peacemaking,” someone else might respond, “Not the dinner in the home of Aziz’s Palestinian family, and the story of his brother?” Feel free to ask any of our pilgrims about their ONE memorable moment. Good luck with that!

MEJDI Tours Introduces Visitors To Israelis And Palestinians

Liel Maghen, an Israeli tour guide who describes himself as an ardent Zionist, said, “When you are really confident, you can absorb and listen to other stories.” Palestinian guide Tamer Omari said, “narratives only collide because they choose not to stress the same things. If you want to be pro anybody, you have to be pro everybody.”

St. Mark’s Holy Land Pilgrimage 2013

Amazing blog from our St. Mark’s Pilgrimage group (2013) from Washington, DC. So much fun to see the experience through their eyes!