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Virtual MEJDI 360° Tours

Combining our unique 360° touring technology along with our expert local guides, you’ll be able to experience the highlights and travel off the beaten track while engaging with our guides and connecting with the local community along the way! 

As we like to say – “It’s not where you travel, but how” – and we have carefully crafted these virtual experiences into meaningful opportunities to explore and engage with our world.  

Check out our Holiday Tours

Christmas in Bethlehem, New Year in Tel Aviv,
Bring Light into the Darkness Hanukkah Event, and more!

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Check out the short clips below for a preview of what our virtual tours can offer. Each 60-90 minute session will include viewings of 360 videos filmed in Israel/Palestine, live Q&A, and a discussion about topics of interest with a local guide of your choice!

Tours Open to the Public

Dual Narrative Tour of Jerusalem

November 28 (1-2:30pm ET)

Price: $19 per device

Christmas in Bethlehem

Saturday, Dec. 19 (1-2:30pm ET)

Price: $14 per device


Celebrate the New Year in Tel Aviv

Saturday, Jan. 2 (1-2:30pm ET)

Price: $14 per device


Custom Private Tours

Fully customizable for any group size. Pick your guide, tour type (dual or single guide), location, and topic – or have us help you design the perfect tour for your group.

2 Guides

An industry first, our two-guide model incorporates two local guides, each representing unique cultural, religious, political, and ethnic narratives.


Peacebuilder, National Geographic Expert, well-established, and well-loved Palestinian guide. He brings extensive peace and conflict resolution experience to his tours.


A Palestinian Coptic Christian from Jerusalem, with over a decade of experience in international development/humanitarian aid. Nabil brings a truly unique view.



Emili, a Palestinian Orthodox Christian, is a peace activist, public speaker and experienced facilitator in dialogue programs bringing Palestinians and Israelis together.


From Jerusalem, living in Tel Aviv, Shai incorporates his experience of old and new into each tour. An avid traveler w/ a background in history and politics.


Samer spent years studying engineering in the US before becoming a tour guide with the goal of establishing mutual respect and understanding in the region.



Mahmoud, an experienced guide specializing in numismatics, biblical archeology, and ethnography. He is well versed in the socio-political landscape of the region.


Elias, an Arab Christian Israeli citizen w/ a PhD in Philosophy, enjoys building bridges between the conflicting cultures and inspires theoretical discussions on tours.


With a lengthy background in education, Morgie became a tour guide/cultural educator to help people understand the complexities of the region.


Alex S.

Alex moved to Israel in 2006. He’s an avid traveler, voracious reader, lover of history and well adept and at weaving his areas of expertise into his tours.

Alex Z.

Alex moved to Israel following a Birthright trip and now shares his love of the region's history, culture, food, travel, and entertainment with others.

Let us Pick!

Not sure which guide to choose? Let us pick for you! Tell us your areas of interest on the booking form and we'll find the right guide for you and your group.


Things to Know

Cancellation Policy

Up to 24 days prior: 100% refund

Less than 24 hours prior: A full credit towards a future experience.

Email [email protected] to cancel and/or reschedule your tour.

Guest Requirements

You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate. A link and details on how to join will be included in your booking confirmation email.


Special interests/topics?

On the booking form, you can list any special interests or topics you’d like to include on the tour. You can also fill out the form below to create a custom virtual tour.


Looking for something different?

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you with more information to start planning a customized itinerary of your virtual tour.

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MEJDI goes beyond traditional tours by providing unrivaled customization, exclusive access, and cultural immersion unavailable anywhere else. By choosing MEJDI, you’re also giving back to the communities you visit, strengthening businesses, families, and individuals.

Check out our CEO’s most recent book on Responsible Travel and Peacebuilding: “Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace”