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Together with our NGO, Interact, we’ve trained local Israeli and Palestinian guides to work with 360 cameras and create Dual Narrative content. The guides paired up and decided on the topics of interest, either close to their hearts or something new they wanted to learn. These tours are the outcome of their hard work and cooperation. 

A Virtual Experience on the Mount of Olives

Jerusalem’s ancient necropolis and the site of where messianic visions in Judaism, Islam and Christianity converge upon the Holy City. Here, Jerusalem’s desert wilderness meets the mountain landscape and is the ideal location to begin your next adventure in the city of gold.


Tour Date: Tuesday, October 19 | 1pm ET

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Jerusalem – A united city? Or one composed of residents and citizens?

Join us for a look at daily life in the city of Jerusalem.  We will not be visiting the typical tourist sites, but rather delve into the realities we face  daily.   How is my life affected if I am a citizen?  If I am a resident?  What are the differences?    How do our neighborhoods look?  How does this reflect/represent the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

Tour Date: Thursday, October 21 | 12pm ET

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The Christian and Jewish Sites of the Muslim Quarter

Many of the boundaries that we imagine separate Israel from Palestine, Christian from Muslim, and East from West, are to a significant degree artificial. In this tour we will explore the historical and religious connections of Jews and Christians to sites in the Muslim quarter. We will virtually walk the famous Via Delarosa and its environs to appreciate the area’s richness and diversity. Come along as we explore churches, synagogues, study halls, markets and more on a journey towards understanding the traditions and people of this holy city.

Tour Date: Sunday, October 24 | 12pm ET

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Connecting Through Graffiti

This online experience will focus on the differences and similarities between content of graffiti in Israeli and Palestinian societies. Through videos and pictures the guides will share the various topics, placements, techniques, styles and colors of this unique form of street art.

Tour Date: Friday, October 29 | 12pm ET

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Check out the short clips below for a preview of what our virtual tours can offer. Each 60-90 minute session will include viewings of 360 videos filmed in Israel/Palestine, live Q&A, and a discussion about topics of interest with a local guide of your choice!

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