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MEJDI 360°: Virtual Tours

Can’t stop dreaming about travel? 

Enjoy a unique, socially responsible, and culturally engaging tour from the comfort of your own home! 

MEJDI is now offering exclusive, customizable, and interactive virtual tours like none other!

Combining our unique 360° touring technology along with our expert local guides, you’ll be able to experience the highlights and travel off the beaten track while engaging with our guides and connecting with the local community along the way! 

As we like to say – “It’s not where you travel, but how” – and we have carefully crafted these virtual experiences into meaningful opportunities to explore and engage with our world.  

Check Out Our Short Teaser

Check out the short clips below for a preview of what our virtual tours can offer. Each 60-90 minute session will include viewings of 360 videos filmed in Israel/Palestine, live Q&A, and a discussion about topics of interest with a local guide of your choice!

Starting at USD 350 per group (max 50 people)

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Join Husam, Shai, or other expert guides
and travel to the Holy Land today!

Starting at USD 350 per group (max 50 people)

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MEJDI goes beyond traditional tours by providing unrivaled customization, exclusive access, and cultural immersion unavailable anywhere else. By choosing MEJDI, you’re also giving back to the communities you visit, strengthening businesses, families, and individuals.

Check out our CEO’s most recent book on Responsible Travel and Peacebuilding: “Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace”