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Iraqi Kurdistan

An Iraqi man on a bench.

Custom Itineraries

From its magnificent landscapes and cool mountain air to its hospitable residents, ancient ruins, and lively bazaars, Iraqi Kurdistan has enchanted travelers for decades. A steadily growing, worldwide tourist destination, MEJDI Tours knows the ins and outs of a province still a mystery to most in the travel industry. From modest accommodations to 5+ star luxury hotels, MEJDI Tours offers customized itineraries in Iraqi Kurdistan that speak to your group’s passions and interests while connecting participants to local communities, building lasting friendships with people who live there. With convenient group leader tools that make it easy to get started, there’s no reason to wait to visit a region this spectacular.

A town in Kurdistan.

Multiple Perspectives

Praised by National Geographic, CNN, and the United Nations, MEJDI Tours’ groundbreaking multiple perspective approach to tourism empowers travelers with broader, more nuanced perspective of Iraqi Kurdistan, its culture, people, and deep-rooted ethnic conflict. Through a diverse array of tour guides and speakers—including those in the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, and Chaldean Christian communities, as well as artists, musicians, writers, journalists, politicians, and more—MEJDI travelers are presented with multiple viewpoints, providing rare cultural immersion unrivalled by other tour companies.

Manakins with hijabs.

Exclusive Access

The relationships we’ve built in Iraqi Kurdistan—and around the world—provide MEJDI travelers with unrivaled behind-the-scenes access to the places you want to go and the people you want to meet. From meeting government officials and religious leaders to exploring undeveloped archaeological sites and home-cooked meals with local families, MEJDI Tours enables travelers to gain a deeper understanding of Kurdish life and culture by taking them where other tour companies simply cannot. In a burgeoning country as rich in culture and history as Iraqi Kurdistan, MEJDI Tours allows you and your group to learn more, go further, and dig deeper.

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Honoring Clients & Communities

As a certified B Corp, which harnesses the power of business for social and environmental change, honor and accountability are at the heart of everything we do. From fair wages to customized volunteer opportunities, we’re proud to say our socially responsible business model isn’t just unmatched in the industry, it’s changing the face of tourism through a pioneering framework that honors both clients and communities. We don’t just pass through the communities we visit, we support them, investing in local businesses and assisting individuals in building a brighter future for their families, neighbors, and communities. We don’t do it to get noticed. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

A tower in Kurdistan.


Ripe with natural beauty and a rapidly growing economy, luxury abounds in Iraqi Kurdistan. From glimmering 5+ star hotels and upscale shopping to outstanding Kurdish and Iraqi cuisine, MEJDI Tours will delight body and mind with the very best Iraqi Kurdistan has to offer. Learn more about our luxury tours.

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Custom Tours

From world-famous sites to off-the-beaten-track gems, we’re proud to provide uniquely customized group tours that are both convenient and deeply rooted in your values.  From group marketing tools and custom group pages to a dedicated customer service representative, MEJDI’s custom tours and convenient group leader tools set a new industry standard. Learn more about our custom tours.

View of a Kurdistan market.

Customer Service

Our goal is simple: to make your travel dreams come true. With unrivaled customer service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, MEJDI Tours is with you every step of the way. Learn more about our exceptional customer service.

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