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From the moment MEJDI’s Latin America Specialist, Danielle DiVerde, first visited Haiti, she knew there was something special about this country in comparison to the many others she has lived, worked, and traveled to in the past.  Traveling by motorcycle with locals through the Ouest, Sud, and Grand’Anse Departments to create impactful programs for travelers and locals alike, she was awed by Haiti’s rich culture, lush nature, and resilient history.  Through her background in international relations and social impact work,  this destination came to life – with the vision of sharing Haiti with the world through socially responsible tourism at the forefront.

The news may portray Haiti more as a disaster-ridden country than a popular vacation destination, but this one-sided narrative does not fully represent what Haiti has to offer, and possibly the reason why Haiti still remains one of the best kept travel destination secrets.  Whether you are a religious leader looking to take your community to a new and exciting destination, a school or university looking to expand your student’s worldview, or just a traveler with a sense of adventure, Haiti has something for everyone – whether it is exploring the mystical underground labyrinth of La Grotte Marie Jeanne, speaking with local religious and political leaders, or simply enjoying home-cooked Haitian meal followed by homestay experience in a village in Pestel.

And the best part?  By traveling to Haiti in a socially responsible way with MEJDI Tours, you instantly become a part of revolutionizing the way people travel there through engaging in sustainable tourism practices that directly help the people and communities we visit!

For more information about how you can make your own customized Haiti trip, click the link below, or contact Danielle DiVerde directly at [email protected]

Custom Itineraries

Divided into 10 departments, Haiti has much to offer travelers. From the perfect beaches in the north, to the lush mountains to the west,  MEJDI Tours gives travelers access to Haiti’s best kept secrets, while connecting travelers to vibrant Haitian communities, and building lasting friendships with people who live there along the way. From modest accommodations to luxury hotels, customized itineraries speak to groups’ goals, needs, and interests—and our group leader tools make it easy to get started.

Exclusive Access

The relationships we’ve built in Haiti—and around the world—enable MEJDI Tours to take groups where other companies cannot, providing exclusive access to Haiti’s government officials, religious leaders, university experts, and locations off-limits to most, leading to a more complete understanding of political, historical, religious, and ethnic narratives. Only MEJDI Tours has the connections to offer groups unrivaled exclusive access to the places they want to go and the people they want to meet.

Honoring Clients and Communities

As a certified B Corp, which harnesses the power of business for social and environmental change, honor and accountability are at the heart of everything thing we do. From fair wages to customized volunteer opportunities, we’re proud to say MEJDI Tours’ socially responsible business model isn’t just unmatched in the industry, it’s changing the face of tourism by honoring both clients and communities. We don’t just pass through the communities we visit, we support them, investing in local businesses and assisting individuals and families in building a brighter future for their neighbors and communities. We don’t do it to get noticed. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Customer Service

With unrivaled customer service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, MEJDI Tours is dedicated to making your travel dreams come true. You and your group are our number one priority. Learn more about our exceptional customer service.

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