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From Melting Pot to Mosaic: Religious & Cultural Diversity in the USA


Theorists have challenged the characterization of the United States as a proverbial “melting pot” of ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Does any term better describe America’s increasingly diverse landscape? What does diversity really mean, and what are its implications at the community and national levels?

These tours trace the growth of religious and cultural diversity in the United States from its founding through the present day, and explore many factors driving this trend. Dive deep into the history of religious life in this country as it compares to other nations. Unpack the hot button terms of “ethnicity,” “race” and “culture,” and consider how they inform national identity.

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MEJDI Tours works with group leaders to build custom tours around the “From Melting Pot to Mosaic” theme of diversity, at their preferred destinations. 


Sample Tour


The Rich Diversity of New York City

Since its early days as a main port of entry for immigrants coming to the United States from Europe in search of new opportunities, New York City has been home to residents of widely varying ethnicity, culture, and religion. Trace the history of immigration in New York City from Ellis Island to the modern day, and study the role of diversity in the development of this booming metropolis.

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Relevant areas of study include political science, law, American history, public administration, public policy, internal relations, communications, economics.


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