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1. How can I find a reasonably priced flight?
We recommend for a comparative look at all airlines, flight options and prices. If you are looking to book a group flight, we can assist with that!

2.  Where can I buy traveler’s insurance?
MEJDI is affiliated with Roam Right Travel Insurance. We strongly suggest purchasing at least medical coverage and cancel-for-any-reason policies. Most cancel-for-any-reason policies require you to purchase within 21 days of initial trip deposit. (Click here for more details)

3.  How safe is it to travel to our destination?
Traveling with MEJDI is the safest choice you can make. Decades of partnership and collaboration around the world equip MEJDI Tours with up-to-the-minute insider information, which we utilize to keep our travelers safe and secure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our travelers’ safety is our number one priority. Learn more about how we keep groups safe.

4.  When is final payment due? What is your cancellation policy?
This information can be found in your group’s Terms and Conditions Agreement.  Our standard Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies are here. Please refer to your group’s contract for exact information.

5.  Do you have a country guide?
Yes. Please check your group’s tour page for country guides.

6.  Is there a packing list?
Yes. Packing lists can be found on your group’s tour page.

7.  Are extensions to nearby countries available?
Yes. One of our most popular is our Jordan extension for those visiting Israel and/or Palestine. Please contact us to find out more about trip extensions.

8. I want to travel with a company with lots of experience. What is MEJDI’s experience?
With decades of extensive tourism experience and intercultural work, MEJDI Tours has organized hundreds of tours for thousands of travelers. We’ve been honored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group for intercultural innovation through tourism, the Fezter Foundation for our work on love and forgiveness through tourism, work directly with UN World Tourism Organization, and are the sole provider of luxury tours to the Holy Land for National Geographic Expeditions, and have been featured in major news outlets around the world, including CNN, The Jewish Daily Forward, Tikkun, Ha’aretz, The Jerusalem Post, and many more.

9.  Who are some of MEJDI’s past clients?
Here are just a few of our past clients.

10.  Can our itinerary change?
Yes. MEJDI reserves the right to change itineraries at any time due to security and/or scheduling reasons. We do everything in our power to operate itineraries as planned while ensuring a safe and meaningful experience for your entire group.