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January 8, 2018

This post was brought to you by Carol H…

Today we left Tel Aviv and arrived in Eilat where we crossed the border into Jordan. In Tel Aviv several of us had our suitcases searched. Poor Jean had hers totally apart, she had placed all her purchases on the bottom but we all made it through okay. The flight was fairly short and the crossing uneventful. Geography change though is huge. We saw the Red Sea from the sky but because of the timing had to hit the road to get to Wadi Rum. We sat under a Bedouin tent and ate and then jumped in the back of 4X4 keeps to explore the natural beauty of this area. It was breathtaking. One section had an echo chamber but the sand stone mountains and their formations are worth checking out. On the way we kept seeing camels and met a man who had several camels, four of who were about to give birth. Then we hit the road for the two-hour drive to Petra, checked in our hotel and had dinner.