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January 5, 2018

This post was brought to you by Carol H…

We woke up to rain this morning which meant that we unfortunately couldn’t hike the trail to the Banias waterfall but we did see the location and the openings there. Afterward we went to a winery and had a tour and tasting of their wines. Across the street we got to taste olive oil and look at the ways they use olive oil in women’s cosmetics. The place with the olive oil was a cooperative, similar to a kibbutz. We had a good lunch and then wandered down to Capernaum, the town that Jesus was believed to have lived and preached. We couldn’t sail across the Sea of Galilea but did see the sign to Ginosaur. Because of the changes we got done early and so we have a couple of hours before we gather to talk about Jordan and the trip there. Tomorrow we leave Tiberius and head to Nazareth and Tel Aviv.