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Street Art Takes to the Subways in Athens

By Ellen O’Brien and Conner Borgelt (Original Post) For anyone who’s ever ridden the metro in Athens, Greece, one thing is immediately clear: the street artists love it. Metro cars packed with Athenians and tourists are tagged with every imaginable color and design. “I like [the graffiti] very much,” a metro passenger, Atlaia, told us.…

The Citadel in Amman, Jordan

“The Citadel is the most popular tourist attraction in Amman, Jordan, according to Lonely Planet. But the Umayyad Caliphate wasn’t concerned with religion – their most important building was the king’s chambers. Keerthi Vedantam takes us inside.”  

A Double Scoop of Peace for Palestinians and Israelis

Wandering through the markets of Jerusalem and the ancient streets of Nazareth, I noticed that there is at least one thing that Israelis and Palestinians can agree on: they love their sweets. Anything with nuts is a favorite – almonds in particular…