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Yearly Archives: 2016

The sun sets on Tel Aviv- Day 2 reflections

As the sun set in Tel Aviv this evening, Hands of Peace tour guides Yuval and Husam along with group leader Gretchen Grad introduced the fascinating complexities of the journey our group is about to embark upon. Travelers from California to Colorado to Texas to Illinois joined for dinner at the Dan Panorama hotel in…

Hands of Peace 2016- First Impressions

October 16, 2016 marks arrival day in Tel Aviv for the first weary traveler participating in the Hands of Peace dual narrative tour of Israel/Palestine.

Israel Trip Diary

This blog post brought to you by Phil H… I participated from May 17-31 in an Israel/Palestine trip organized by Bob Pyne of St Norbert’s Peace & Justice Center in co-sponsorship with Mejdi Tours, which specializes in what they call “cultural immersion” tours. It was extremely well done, with guides who are committed to bi-partisan discussions between Israeli…

Frannie Turner Celebrates her Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall

MEJDI Tours has arranged a trip for the Turner family, where Frannie Turner made her Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall yesterday.  Women of the Wall made a statement on their Facebook page yesterday: “Mazal tov Frannie! What a brave young woman to have a Bat Mitzvah amidst yelling, screaming and whistles blowing,”  which…

Street Art Takes to the Subways in Athens

By Ellen O’Brien and Conner Borgelt (Original Post) For anyone who’s ever ridden the metro in Athens, Greece, one thing is immediately clear: the street artists love it. Metro cars packed with Athenians and tourists are tagged with every imaginable color and design. “I like [the graffiti] very much,” a metro passenger, Atlaia, told us.…

The Citadel in Amman, Jordan

“The Citadel is the most popular tourist attraction in Amman, Jordan, according to Lonely Planet. But the Umayyad Caliphate wasn’t concerned with religion – their most important building was the king’s chambers. Keerthi Vedantam takes us inside.”