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Bosnia/ Croatia

We confidently guarantee you won’t find another tour to Bosnia and Croatia like a MEJDI Tour. Why? Because in addition to discovering the historical cities of Sarajevo, Mostar, Subgonica, Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik we’ve developed life-long friendships with local storytellers. Led by the famous, Bosnian photojournalist, Ziya Gafic, a MEJDI Tour to Bosnia/Croatia is all about meeting the most interesting people leading the most innovative organizations. Gafic’s connects your synagogue, church or university group to religious and cultural activists and artists. Typically the tour begins in Sarajevo and ends in scenic Dubrovnik and may include an in-depth experience of the Bosnian war and end relaxing on the beach. It may also include the option of a foodie tour. According to Anthony Bourdain, Croatia hosts the best pasta dish which takes 12 hours to prepare. If this isn’t enough to convince you, a MEJDI Tour to Bosnia/Croatia is the most affordable European experience tour option you’ll find.

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Bosnia/Croatia may include:

  • An interfaith conversation in Sarajevo with a Christian and Muslim family, once divided by the war.
  • Dinner with a former, Bosnian general who now runs an educational NGO.
  • Photography lessons as you capture the historical sites and local faces of Dubrovnik.
  • Boating through Mostar along the Neretva River, stopping for a picnic near a historical Sufi home.
  • An expanded tour to other Balkan countries including Albania, Macedonia, Serbia or Herzegovina.

The MEJDI Way: Our trusted relationship with Ziya Gafic and other local artists provides you with a tour like no other. The best restaurants, the best most interesting entrepreneurs and cultural experiences are core to the MEJDI Tour in Bosnia/Croatia. As in all MEJDI Tours, you will arrive to Bosnia/Croatia a tourist and leave a friend of the locals. Contact Kelly at to learn more about a MEJDI Tour to Bosnia/Croatia.

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